FICA requirements to bid at Imperial Auto Auctions

FICA requirements - registering to bid

Please note: no vehicles may be released
without the required documentation

Download FICA act

Private individuals

  • Original ID
  • Utility Bill (not be older than 3 months) with current residential address

Dealers & Companies

  • Business proof of residence
  • Business registration documents (CK, CC, PTY)
  • Traffic register certificate
  • Letter with proxy and buyers details
  • Proxy and buyer’s ID
  • Owner / manager / GM ID (The person that signed proxy letter)
  • Please note: Self printed copies from WINDEED, DEED SEARCH etc, may not be used.

Sole proprietors 

  • Utility Bill with current residential address *
  • Owner’s ID original
  • Letter on a company letterhead confirming the existence of the business as a sole proprietorship
  • If registered for VAT, SARS letter with VAT Number **


  • Partnership agreement
  • Partners’ ID copies and Proof of residential address *
  • SARS letter with VAT Number **
  • Proof of business address *
  • Resolution letter (authorising representative to buy on behalf of company)
  • Proxy details/BRN certificate/Dealer stocking certificate/Traffic Register certificate (from the License Department)


  • Trust deed
  • Letter of authority issued by the master of the high court
  • Authorization letter to buy on behalf of trust
  • Tax clearance certificate (if vat registered)
  • ID’s of all trustees
  • Proof of address for all trustees*
  • Proof of address for the trust*

Additional notes

  • Buyers residing or operating from someone else’s premises may submit an affidavit with an ID copy of the premises’s owner.
  • A marriage certificate may be submitted as proof of spouse’s address.
  • A lease agreement may be submitted to Imperial Auto Auction, for those renting from agencies
  • Drivers Licenses may NOT be used as form of identification

Non S.A. residents

  • Foreign buyers may submit copies of Passports, Valid VISAs or Traffic register certificates instead of IDs.